Scientists found out when a new ice age will come on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Throughout history, the planet has been covered with ice at least twice. Almost all territories were glaciated one after another about 700 million years ago. Scientists’ research is aimed at finding out the causes of global climate change.

Theories state that a significant cooling could be due to a decrease in penetrating sunlight or the concentration of carbon dioxide. Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented their conclusions, which can put everything in its place.

Scientists are sure that the ice ages came precisely because of the decrease in the amount of solar radiation entering the Earth. The sun’s rays could be blocked by volcanic eruptions or biologically induced cloud formations.

Significant cold snaps with glaciation are temporary events. When the planet is shrouded in ice, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. As a result, the greenhouse effect occurs. If there is no ice, then the concentration of gas is controlled by the weathering of rocks and minerals. The planet is characterized by the so-called carbon cycle.

The third ice age will come if over 10 thousand years the amount of solar radiation decreases by 2%. The model used for the calculation took into account the incoming and outgoing solar radiation, the concentration of carbon dioxide, the temperature regime of the planet, the level of weathering during the absorption and storage of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s air envelope.


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