Scientists found a parallel universe where time goes back

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On the territory of Antarctica some time ago, another study was conducted, or even an experiment can be said. Due to this, scientists were able to find evidence of the existence of a parallel universe, which arose simultaneously with ours.

The difference from our universe is that in parallel time is reversing.

Experts tried to find cosmic rays, but those particles that they found could get on our planet from outside our universe. Using a balloon, an Antarctic pulse transition antenna was transferred into the air over the Antarctic. There is no interference in this air that could at least slightly change its results.

There is a certain constant “wind” of particles that reach us on the planet from space. Some of them are so powerful that a person cannot even imagine something like that. But there is a separate type of particles – tau neutrinos, which are even heavier than those that were known before.

They come out of our planet, which means that they are moving back in time. It was they who managed to be found over the Antarctic with the help of modern equipment.

This incredible phenomenon was described by Peter Goreham, who, together with his colleagues, was engaged in conducting an experiment and analyzing the data obtained. He says that tau neutrinos must turn into a different type of particle in order to pass our planet, and then go back again.

Scientists have put forward several different theories of this phenomenon, one of which was that during the Big Bang two different universes were formed at once. One of them is not subject to the known laws of physics and time flies there in the opposite direction.


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