Scientists: flashes from stars can destroy life on planets

(ORDO NEWS) — Recent observations by astronomers indicate that flares on a distant star, whose power is 20 times higher than the sun, can have a tragic effect on the alleged alien life.

A large solar flare on a relatively close star was discovered by Japanese astronomers. Scientists are sure that by the power of such outbreaks it is possible to judge whether life exists on the planets near a particular star. The star is known as A.D. Leonis, the red dwarf that is colder than our Sun, has more flashes and is located about 16 light years from Earth.

With the 3.8 meter Seimei telescope, which is controlled by Kyoto University, astronomers discovered 12 flares in just a week.

According to a study published in the journal Publications of Astronomical Society of Japan, one of the flares was 20 times more powerful than ever seen in our Sun.

Experts prefer to study flares, because they emit a huge amount of radiation, which can affect life on neighboring planets.

For the most part, the Earth’s magnetic field protects a person from radiation that comes from solar flares, but these storms can affect satellite technology. Solar winds can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere, causing it to expand.

This can affect the operation of satellites in orbit, which can lead to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite television.

In addition, the release of particles can lead to strong currents in the magnetosphere, which can lead to higher than usual electricity in power lines, which will lead to breakdown of electric transformers and power plants, loss of power.

Hypothetically, if suddenly the Sun “releases” a super-flash in the direction of the Earth, then this could tragically end for the inhabitants of the Earth. Here is what Kosuke Namekata, the main author of the article, said:

“Solar flares are sudden explosions that occur on the surfaces of stars, including our Sun. In rare cases, a very large flash may occur. This will lead to severe magnetic storms, which, when emitted by the Sun, can affect the technological infrastructure of the Earth.

Kazunari Shibata, study leader, added:

“More detailed information about these fundamental stellar phenomena will help us predict these super flares and possibly mitigate the damage from magnetic storms here on Earth. We can even begin to understand how these emissions can affect the existence or appearance of life on other planets.”


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