Scientists find traces of endangered sharks in cat and dog food

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found that, despite the decline in the global population of sharks, the meat of these predators still somehow ends up in cans of cat and dog food.

In a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science , scientists used DNA testing on samples of about 150 different pet foods in Singapore and made a disturbing discovery

Almost a third of them contained shark meat. Among these sharks were endangered species such as the silky shark and the whitetip reef shark.

The researchers also noted that the composition of the feed does not indicate the presence of sharks. Most often they use general terms, such as “fish” or “sea fish”.

“Most pet owners are likely nature lovers, and we think most would be dismayed to find that they may be unknowingly contributing to overfishing of the shark population, ” the scientists write.

Overfishing of sharks, driven by the growing trade in shark fins and meat, is responsible for the deaths of about 100 million sharks each year, and many species are now nearly extinct.

Shark meat food is a big problem not only for sharks, but also for the pets that consume it. As noted by The Guardian , shark meat has low nutritional value.

Not only in animal feed

Back in 2019, US researchers found that one in eight beauty products contained shark DNA.


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