Scientists find that oxytocin helps repair heart cells

(ORDO NEWS) — Oxytocin helps repair heart cells. This conclusion was made by American scientists from the University of Michigan, after conducting a study.

During the experiment, scientists used zebrafish. The researchers deliberately slightly damaged the heart of these animals, and then sewed up the chest cavity and released it back into the aquarium.

They were then given an oxytocin inhibitor. As a result, the zebrafish recovered. Scar tissue formed on their hearts.

Scientists believe that this hormone can be used in medicine to restore a person after a heart attack. Even if heart cells are only partially regenerated in patients, this will already be an excellent result.

True, oxytocin in the blood remains for a rather short time.

In this regard, it is necessary to develop on its basis special preparations that would increase the half-life of this hormone. Human trials are expected to begin in the near future.


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