Scientists find strange differences in COVID-19 mortality across races

(ORDO NEWS) — Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust conducted a study and found out that patients with coronavirus from different ethnic groups differ in the course of the disease. The research results are published on the BMJ Open portal.

Data from 1,737 patients over the age of 16 with confirmed COVID-19 were analyzed – all of them were hospitalized in five hospitals from January 1 to May 13, 2020. Asians were 538 sick (31 percent), 340 (20 percent) blacks, 707 (40 percent) white people. In total, 511 patients died by day 30 – this is 29 percent of the total.

Patients from ethnic minorities were reported to be younger. In addition, Asians were 1.54 times more likely, and patients with dark skin color 1.8 times more likely to be admitted to the ICU and received invasive ventilation compared to white patients. People of Asian descent were 1.49 more likely to die than those with fair skin color, and 1.3 times higher among blacks. Asian and black patients had a 50-80 percent higher risk of being ventilated and in intensive care units compared with whites of the same age.

Resuscitation and anesthesia specialist Yize Wang explained that the study shows the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on representatives of different ethnic groups.

The scientists also stressed that the study represented a large number of patients, but they were unable to make a more detailed breakdown by ethnicity.


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