Scientists find evidence of volcanic eruptions on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists from China examined samples of lunar soil and found traces of volcanic activity in them.

According to the report, Chinese scientists studied samples of lunar soil delivered to Earth by the Chang’e-5 apparatus.

As a result of research, they found geological evidence of the presence of layers of volcanic lava in the soil.

Experts suggest that once the lava flooded the landing site of the device. In addition, elements such as thorium, uranium and potassium were found in the samples.

Chinese scientists have concluded that at least four magmatic eruptions occurred in the Chang’e-5 landing area. They made this conclusion after studying the thickness of basalt rocks – 230 m, 70 m, 4 m and 36 m.

Experts also managed to suggest a jump in the rate of volcanic eruptions at the landing site of the apparatus. According to preliminary estimates, it increased significantly about 2 billion years ago.

Earlier it was reported that Chinese scientists found water in the lunar soil brought by the Chang’e-5 apparatus. The samples showed 120 ppm of liquid. It is assumed that the water appeared due to the solar wind.


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