Scientists figured out why some people hear the voices of the dead

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of Northumbria and Durham University, which is located in the UK, have established which traits indicate people who are able to “communicate” with the spirits of the dead.

The research results were published in the scientific journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture. Scientists have tried to figure out why some people can “hear” strange voices, and then even become mediums, although many consider this to be a mental illness.

During the study, 65 clairvoyants were interviewed, as well as 143 ordinary people. As it was possible to establish, clairvoyants believe more in various paranormal phenomena. In addition, they do not pay attention to what others have to say about them.

Half of the mediums said that they can hear voices every day. At the same time, 79% said that such an experience is an ordinary daily life for them. Most of the clairvoyant voices heard exclusively in their head. 31% of mediums claim to hear external voices as well.

In most cases, they heard the first voices in their youth. Mediums said that they could always go deeply into themselves and go into a kind of trance.


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