Scientists figured out how to make human skin transparent

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists from the United States of America published a report in which they described the developed method that allows “enlightenment” of human tissues.

In other words, skin and other tissues can be made transparent while maintaining their original functioning. Thus, it is possible to visualize the processes that occur during the course of diseases.

It is worth noting that cleaning fabrics is not an innovative discovery. Science already knows the ways in which a certain percentage of transparency is achieved. In particular, organic solvents have been developed that remove molecules from tissues that prevent light from penetrating.

These molecules include, for example, fat. However, the described methods are rather labor-intensive. American scientists, in turn, proposed a “hybrid” method for cleaning tissues.

The scientists explained that in their study, they used several solvents and water-based detergents in sequence. In other words, American scientists built a combination of several “cleaning products” that were used to treat fabrics.

The author of the study said that the technique requires a lot of time, as the fabric is “soaked” in the resulting solutions. However, scientists have already achieved positive results and plan to scale their own developments.


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