Scientists explain why you shouldn’t sleep with the lights on

(ORDO NEWS) — The darkness in the bedroom, according to scientists, allows a person to sleep much better. In addition, it several times reduces the risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

The Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine at Feinberg Northwestern University in Chicago conducted a new study and found a very interesting fact.

Those who slept with the lights on were much more likely to be obese, suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. They were compared to those who slept in complete darkness.

The researchers emphasize that even if there is very little light, it can harm health. Light can provoke the development of not only metabolic, but also heart disease.

The study involved people whose age was in the range of 63-84 years. They constantly wore special devices that were needed to measure the amount of light in the bedroom.

During the week, similar measurements were made during sleep. It was found that less than half of all participants had the opportunity to sleep in complete darkness for five hours.

The rest of the people were exposed to light even when they slept during the darkest time of the day.

Experts stressed that they cannot say with certainty whether obesity, high blood pressure can make people sleep in the light, or whether the light only leads to the development of these problems.

At the same time, the information obtained has been added to the scientific evidence regarding how important sleep and the body’s circadian clock are for health.

Scientists recommend not to sleep in the light, but to use a night light with a faint glow, which should be located as close to the floor as possible.

In addition, the color of the light is of great importance. The brain works less actively when exposed to amber or orange light.

Do not use nightlights with white, blue. If they are present, they should be installed as far as possible from the bed.

In the event that it is not possible to control outdoor lighting on your own, then you should definitely use blackout curtains or a special sleep mask.


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