Scientists explain why cats leave home before they die

(ORDO NEWS) — All pets face old age and health problems. But only cats leave home before they die. In addition, there are many other interesting reactions that can occur in the last days of life. People may not understand why animals behave the way they do.

Do cats really feel the end is near? In fact, there is not enough research to confirm that cats have a premonition of death.

At the same time, they perfectly identify periods when they are very weak or sick. Experts identify several different reasons for this behavior of animals.

  • The pet is sick and just wants to be alone. Cats do not realize that death exists, so they want to retire when they feel too vulnerable. Thanks to temporary isolation, pets can safely live out their last days.
  • If the cat is tired of various external stimuli, he can go to a quiet place where no one will disturb him.
  • A very common reason for a cat to leave is stress. Changes in the house, in daily activities, as well as loud noises or the appearance of a new family member can provoke such a condition.
  • The house in which the cat lives is associated with an unpleasant experience. That is why the animal can go to the place where they will feel safe.

Sick cats cannot go far, so most often bushes, garages, sheds, basements become their shelters. They can hide under furniture or in some kind of box inside the house. When an animal dies, its behavior begins to change.

Cats can become aggressive or too withdrawn. Often there is difficulty breathing. Before death, cats stop drinking and eating, and their appearance becomes too untidy, because in their last days, pets simply stop caring for themselves.


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