Scientists : even good aliens are dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) — Aliens are either good or bad. Evil – capture the Earth, rob, ruthlessly destroy people. Kind people share technologies, treat, teach how to live properly, and help solve pressing problems.

Basically, only such options are popular with science fiction writers who like to draw the prospects of meeting with representatives of a developed extraterrestrial civilization, which is far ahead of us in development.

Serious scientists surpassed science fiction writers – they offered an unexpected twist. Researchers from the American space agency, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania (NASA, the Penn State ETI Center, the Department of Philosophy at Spring Hill College, Harvard Law School, Penn State University) considered the third option: aliens are good, but the harm from them is no less than from evil ones.

The corresponding article, Geopolitical Implications of a Successful SETI Program, has been accepted for publication in Space Policy.

Scientists even good aliens are dangerous 2
Even a message received from brothers in mind will cause concern

If the aliens really show up, humanity will somehow cope with the emotional shock after learning that they are not alone in the universe.

But the leadership of developed countries can act recklessly, succumbing to the temptation of the so-called real politics – one that is not regulated by laws and is actually implemented, and not declared from the stands and in the media.

Those who have made contact, for example, can learn something significant from aliens, even from among what looks completely ordinary to them. With the help of brothers in mind, they can create some technique that, as they say on Earth, has a dual purpose.

Or directly a weapon, not a god, more terrible than a thermonuclear one. “Real politicians” are unlikely to share with others information that gives an advantage. Therefore, the contact represents a potential benefit for the nation, which monopolizes him, and a threat to the rest.

This is at the beginning. Then the danger will become global because the “monopolists” will quickly want to “realize the advantage” by force. Thus, “good” aliens, without knowing it, will plunge humanity into chaos.

Scientists even good aliens are dangerous 3
The arrival of aliens could throw the world into chaos

How to be? The authors of “Geopolitical Consequences …” see a way out in openness and, pardon the hackneyed word, in the integration of scientists who are looking for contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Previously, it was believed that the objects involved in the process, such as radio telescopes, should be protected as carefully as nuclear power plants. Keep important information confidential.

But from the point of view of human security, according to scientists, publicity will be much more useful. It will be necessary even in the case when nothing significant – in the sense of contact – happens.

So that there is no suspicion of malicious intent. In the meantime, they are available – everyone is accused of concealing: the government, and the special services, and those who are initiated into state secrets and secrets of scientists.

“The very existence of protected “regime” objects and closed information flows can be interpreted by outside observers as evidence that some kind of world-changing activity took place in a particular community or at some object…” – the authors write in their study. It hurt, apparently. Or they know something.

Scientists even good aliens are dangerous 4
There are 4 clearly hostile civilizations in the Milky Way

And at this time

37964 extraterrestrial civilizations can coexist with humanity

An attempt to calculate the number of alien civilizations capable of contact was made by astrophysicists from the University of Nottingham in the UK.

British astrophysicists, modeling cosmic evolution, assumed that other life, having appeared somewhere else, developed in much the same way as on Earth. That took 4 to 5 billion years.

Next, scientists “selected” suitable stars similar to our Sun, took into account their ability to acquire rocky planets located in the so-called habitable zones. And they suggested that the aliens, having mastered, like us, certain technologies, send their radio signals into the surrounding space. They have been doing this for at least 100 years.

Some cunning calculations, in the end, demonstrated: at best, there are 211 developed civilizations in the Milky Way – that’s just that many. In the worst case, there are 4 of them. And according to the “average” forecasts, 36 pieces.

More optimistic Duncan Forgan (Duncan Forgan) from the Scottish University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh in Scotland). According to his mathematical model, at least 361 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are adjacent to us in the Milky Way. Their maximum number is 37964.


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