Scientists discovered traces of the Earth collision with a comet

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On the site of the Tabqa Dam in Syria, traces of a collision of our planet with a comet about 12.8 thousand years ago were discovered. This statement was made by scientists from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The tablet on the Euphrates was built in 1968-1973. Before construction, archaeological excavations were carried out here.

In a place known as Abu Hureira, a settlement of people was discovered who first switched from a nomadic lifestyle to a sedentary one and started farming about 12.8 thousand years ago.

In addition to this revolutionary discovery, fragments of molten glass were also found in Abu Hureira.

The analysis showed that it was formed at extremely high temperatures. Neither technology of that time, nor volcanism or lightning could explain the formation of these fragments.

In a modern study of finds from Abu Hureira, scientists suggest that glass was formed when the Earth collided with a comet at the end of the Pleistocene.

The hypothesis of such a cataclysm exists for a long time. It is assumed that a collision with a celestial body with a diameter of at least 4 km led to a sudden sharp cooling on the planet and the extinction of the mammoth fauna.

The fragmented fragments of the comet allegedly struck North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and West Asia.

The evidence of such a collision is the high concentration of nanodiamonds, platinum, palladium and other elements found in a number of places on the planet and dated by the late Pleistocene. Their source could be cosmic dust.

Analysis of glass from Abu Hureira showed that it formed almost instantly at temperatures above 2.2 thousand degrees Celsius and includes chromium, iron, nickel, sulfides, titanium and platinum. Such formations are usually found in places of collision with celestial bodies.

Scientists insist that it is a comet, not an asteroid, since its fragments scattered across a vast territory, covering at least three continents. The very village of Abu Hureira, they said, was destroyed instantly.


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