Scientists discovered the text on the Dead Sea scrolls

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists once again conducted a study of Dead Manuscripts, which were stored in the library of John Ryland, working at the University of Manchester. As it turned out, the scrolls are far from empty, but contain text.

Some time ago, the elements of the Dead Sea scrolls fell into the hands of scientists, but they turned out to be high-quality fakes. It is known that the originals are available only in one place – the University of Manchester, which is located in the UK.

Artifacts were found during the study of Qumran caves and have never been to the antiquities market.

In 1950, Jordanian authorities presented the scrolls to Ronald Reed from the University of Leeds as a gift. The government wanted the specialist to conduct research to determine the physical and chemical properties of artifacts.

Then the scientist did not find anything unusual in empty scrolls. Artefact placed in a safe place for storage.

Only after 70 years, the following researchers made an amazing discovery. They took pictures of each fragment longer than one centimeter using multispectral imaging technology. Six were selected from 51 fragments.

Four were able to identify text in several languages ​​- Hebrew and Aramaic. The messages turned out to be quite readable, they were left in carbon ink.

The most informative element includes 16 letters that make up some words. Scientists could make out only the word “Shabbat”, which means “Saturday.” Perhaps the text is somehow connected with the biblical book of Ezekiel. Unfortunately, the truth is unlikely to be found out.


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