Scientists discovered a strange symptom of coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — People infected with coronavirus have an unusually low level of oxygen in the blood, said American doctors, quoted by Sciencemag . At the same time, patients, despite the alarming indicators of medical equipment, claim that they feel good.

“We see a very large discrepancy between what the monitor shows and how the patient looks,” said an ambulance doctor at a New York medical center, Reuben Strayer.

New Symptoms of Coronavirus Named

Pulmonologist Elnada Marcia Negri noted that the level of oxygen in the blood in healthy people is at least 95%. In infected patients, indicators in some cases fall to 60%.

However, doctors emphasize that in appearance these patients cannot be called sick.

Earlier, according to reports, the head physician of the Kommunark hospital Denis Protsenko stated that a new symptom was revealed in patients with COVID-19: in patients infected with coronavirus, a rash on the abdomen and hands was noted.


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