Scientists discover the dance floor where John the Baptist was executed

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts were able to find a dance floor where the beautiful Salome entertained Tsar Herod Antipas. So far, not all scientists agree with the archaeological findings, reports Live Science.

On the dance floor, John the Baptist was killed, who saw the coming of Jesus. Herod Antipas ordered to execute the preacher. This was also due to the fact that Herod was afraid of the growing influence of the opposition. The events took place in Macheron. It is a fortress near the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The chance to get even with John fell on the wedding of Herod and Herodiana (brother’s wife). The guests and the king were entertained by Salome, daughter of Herodiana. John was categorically against marriage. Herod admired Salome’s dance so much that he promised to fulfill any desire. She wanted the preacher’s head.

Herod thought for a while, but at the end he gave the order. The man’s head was brought on a platter. The events most likely took place in the courtyard of Macheron. There is a niche in the form of an apse, which can be a throne.

The discovery itself was made back in 1980, but to this day there are disputes among scientists. The location was confirmed by Eric Meyers of Duke University. He focused on the complete coincidence of literary and archaeological sources.


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