Scientists discover that one species of Tyrannosaurus rex split into three species

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists conducted a study, which revealed that in the era of dinosaurs there was not one type of tyrannosaurus rex, but three at once.

This was reported by the journal Evolutionary Biology. In the course of scientific work, the researchers analyzed 37 samples of Tyrannosaurus rex bones.

They said that the scientific community had long noticed the difference in the proportions and structure of the skeletons of these ancient reptiles, but attributed these differences to gender and age characteristics.

But the latest research has shown that there could have been two more species of Tyrannosaurus rex, which were conventionally named “Tyrannosaurus emperor” and “Tyrannosaurus rex”.

“The differences in the strength of the femurs in different sediment layers can be considered distinct enough that the samples can be considered as separate species,” explained Baltimore paleontologist Gregory Paul.

Scientists believe that over time, one type of tyrannosaurus split into three.


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