Scientists cured a man who had been sick with COVID-19 for 13 months

(ORDO NEWS) — British scientists managed to cure a man who was infected for 411 days from the coronavirus.

To do this, researchers analyzed the genetic code of the virus that infected a person and only then found the right treatment.

Before that, all the attempts of doctors did not bring the desired result, the man was continuously sick with covid for more than a year.

Persistent coronavirus infection is different from prolonged coronavirus or re-infection. It occurs most often in people with a weak immune system.

Often, such patients take tests for COVID for a long time and get a positive result. At the same time, all the time when a person is sick, the infection causes damage to health.

Such cases do not occur often in world practice, but they do exist. Each time, only an individual approach to making a diagnosis provides an opportunity to help patients.

Doctors say that the symptoms are persistent , very difficult to treat and similar to those of patients with pneumonia.

The case with the husband is really unique. It is known that the patient is 59 years old and has not been able to recover from Covid for the last 13 months.

Treatment protocols did not help, so the researchers decided to study the genetic code of the virus in order to prescribe the right medications.

For this, a genetic analysis was carried out using nanopore sequencing technology. The analysis helped to establish exactly what type of virus the patient has.

It turned out to be an early variant of B. 1. It dominated in late 2020, but has since been replaced by other variants.

Having established a variant of the coronavirus, scientists prescribed a combination of monoclonal antibodies to the patient.

This method of treatment was widely used before the appearance of Omicron. As you know, this variant of the virus and those that appeared later are not sensitive to monoclonal antibodies.


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