Scientists create reusable paper

(ORDO NEWS) — Despite global computerization and the ubiquitous electronic circulation of documents, people still consume paper in huge quantities.

Paper is made from wood, and this leads to large-scale deforestation. Scientists around the world are working on the creation of new technologies for the production of paper, looking for new materials.

Specialists from Singapore managed to create a new type of paper. It is made from plant pollen. It is noted. That it is reusable. The new hypoallergenic material can be printed with a conventional printer and then erased for reuse.

Experts say that the production of such paper practically does not harm the environment. It is also suitable for standard full color printing and can be used up to eight times. The authors of the development have already filed an application for an international patent.

It is noted that the manufacture of plain paper requires huge amounts of wood, as well as the use of chemicals hazardous to humans and the environment.

For this reason, the Singaporean specialists decided to use a herbal product that regenerates quickly and without damage in the natural environment. Excess components are removed from it with alkali and solvents, so that no molecules that can cause allergies remain in the material.

The material is washed with deionized water and cast into molds to air dry into flat sheets as thin as 0.03 millimeters. Then they are dipped in acetic acid, which reacts with the outer layer of the material and prevents the absorption of moisture.


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