Scientists called life-long complications after coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists continue to study the effect of coronavirus on the human body. This time the results were truly frightening: as it turned out, a person can fight the consequences of infection all his life.

According to doctors, Covid-19 affects the lungs, causes chronic fatigue and even psychological distress, as it has a direct effect on the nervous system.

Cured of coronavirus face severe syndrome

The UK National Health Service found that coronavirus negatively affects the cardiovascular system, lungs, and brain. There is a real risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that approximately 30% of people who have cured develop pulmonary fibrosis, and 50% have serious physical, cognitive and psychological disorders with which they will live for the rest of their lives.

Every ninth patient after discharge has serious damage to the cardiovascular system, and in 70% of the psyche is disturbed, sometimes even delusional disorders appear.

The greatest complications are observed, as a rule, in older people – from 40-50 years. Plus, such patients face life-long complications much more often. Some problems may also occur in people who undergo coronavirus without symptoms and hospitalization.

Doctors continue to urge themselves to take precautions, as it is possible to overcome the coronavirus infection, and its fatal consequences are not always. Complications are much more dangerous than the virus itself, because it can occur at any time.


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