Scientists: breast milk of women with covid is safe

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of doctors from the United States analyzed the breast milk of 110 women with COVID-19 for the presence of viral RNA that can multiply in milk.

The findings suggest that breastfeeding, in the presence of the coronavirus in the mother, is safe for babies.

As you know, newborns can also become infected with coronavirus infection. Fortunately, most of them have covid without serious complications, but there are also cases of severe infection.

Health workers from the University of California examined the breast milk of 110 breastfeeding women for traces of SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

Of these, 65 tested positive for coronavirus, 9 had symptoms but the test showed no illness, and 36 symptomatic women did not test.

Viral RNA was found in 6 percent of the participants, but none of the children of sick women fell ill with covid.

After the tests, it turned out that the virus is unable to multiply in cell culture, which tells us about the safety of feeding newborns with breast milk.

However, do not forget about the airborne way to infect a child, so scientists advise wearing masks when feeding.


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