Scientists: black holes are holograms

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have speculated on the origin of black holes. They stated that these space-time regions are holograms in which information is accumulated and a three-dimensional image is reproduced.

After a series of studies, physicists came to a conclusion consistent with the theory of Albert Einstein. According to representatives of an international group of scientists, black holes are two-dimensional systems with the ability to reproduce three-dimensional images.

Proponents of quantum theory said that these areas of spacetime accumulate a tremendous amount of information. Some even compare them with the read-only memory of computers, but with a number of features. This assumption does not contradict Einstein’s theory. The German physicist said that black holes are three-dimensional spherical smooth objects. They only seem three-dimensional, like holograms.

This idea was voiced three decades ago. The hypothesis suggests that in space gravity has a different value. Gravity is distinguished by “illogical behavior” and therefore it is difficult to describe its state. Thanks to further research, scientists will be able to solve the contradictions that arise between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. This will help determine the properties and explain the origin of the planets.


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