Scientists: birds “turn off” their immunity to save energy

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Information appeared on the network about the new discovery of scientists: they, as it turned out, found out that birds “turn off” their immunity to save energy.

So, researchers from the University of Lund and the University of Tromso conducted a major study of the strength of the immune system of the partridge in Svalbard in the Arctic.

Since this particular species of birds lives farther than the rest in the Arctic, scientists were interested to see how their immune response changes in winter and late spring.

As a result, a group of scientists managed to find out that when birds get sick in the middle of winter, they reduce the amount of energy consumed in comparison with the period when they are healthy. But if the same thing happens in late spring, then their energy consumption increases.

Experts concluded that, most likely, the weak immune system of birds is part of their adaptation to Arctic frosts. Since the risk of contracting various diseases in the north in winter is less than when it gets warmer by summer, energy consumption in winter should be reduced. Including due to the “shutdown” of immunity.


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