Scientists believe that mathematical ability can be inherited

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the researchers, the results of mathematical work above the average level were observed in children with clearly presented genetic changes and pronounced areas of gray matter in the right parietal region.

The genetic variability of the brain of children significantly affects the development of their mathematical abilities in the future. On the basis of the study, this was the conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Cognitive Research and Brain Science. Max Planck (Germany). The found anatomical differences in the developing brain, coupled with further success in the field of mathematics in children, the researchers reported in the latest issue of the American scientific journal PLOS Biology.

A total of 178 children from 3 to 6 years old took part in the study, who underwent magnetic resonance imaging and subsequent mathematical testing. Areas of the brain correlated with successful math tests, equivalent to the age of children, were identified. A study of a group of older children – from 7 to 9 years old – confirmed that an increase in the volume of gray matter in the parietal region is associated with successful passing of mathematical tests.

It is characteristic that the results of mathematical work, definitely above the average level, were observed in children with clearly presented genetic changes and pronounced areas of gray matter in the right parietal region, scientists state.

According to scientists, the ROBO1 gene plays the main role in the development of children’s mathematical abilities. In particular, the researchers found that genetic variants of the gene itself are directly related to anatomical changes in the brain, namely, the volume of gray matter in the right parietal cortex. This discovery will make it possible to predict the success of children in the field of mathematics already in the elementary grades of the school, the work notes.

“In order to prove such a pattern, our scientists combined data on genetic changes and anatomical features in the parietal cortex,” concretized the results of the study, lead author of the study, a researcher at the Institute, Michael Scade. “We were sure that mathematical abilities are inherited And now the connection with certain genes is confirmed.”

“The results obtained suggest that we can both predict advances in mathematics in children with gene changes, and influence the development of mathematical abilities in the early stages, activating in some way the identified areas of the brain of children,” the researcher emphasized.


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