Scientists begin testing drug addiction vaccine

(ORDO NEWS) — For years, scientists have been working on a “vaccination” against opioids. But now they finally got to the stage of full testing.

We are talking about Columbia University specialists who have been developing a vaccine that protects against the development of serious opioid addiction for several years.

The principle of action of their drug is not so complicated.

The vaccine prevents oxycodone from being trapped in the center of the brain that is responsible for pleasure.

As a result, a person loses the meaning of using drugs and loses dependence on them.

The idea of ​​a vaccine is that after some time after administration , the body will begin to produce antibodies to this particular chemical structure to opioids <…>

If the patient does take oxycodone, then the antibodies will immediately bind to the molecules of this substance, preventing it from entering the brain.

Sandra Comer
Professor of neuroscience at Columbia University

It is currently being tested on volunteers with substance abuse disorders. In the future, they plan to expand their research to include other opioids.


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