Scientists are trying to understand another find in the ruins of the Mayan civilization

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists continue to study Mayan structures that date back to 2000 BC. e. The structures are scattered throughout the jungles of southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and western Honduras. The compiled map of the pre-Colombian civilization helped scientists make another discovery about the Maya.

The buildings of the ancient civilization were analyzed from above using LIDAR. All vegetation, which interfered with the normal assessment of structures, was removed from the obtained photographs. After analyzing the map, experts changed their idea of ​​the Maya population. From the ground, there was no way to assess the entire complex of buildings, said Albert Lin, a researcher at National Geographic. The main reason is the jungle, which you can’t get through.

Scientists have noticed the watchtowers along the walls. It was found that they were necessary for the quick exchange of messages between residents living in different parts of the territory. Such towers made it possible to stay aware of important events and respond to them in time.

Experts cannot figure out why one of the cities (Tikal) is surrounded by a massive wall, which archaeologists jokingly called the Great Mayan Wall. The function of the structure is to be determined in the near future. Perhaps it served as protection from bad weather or attacks from other civilizations.


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