Scientists are sounding the alarm because of the asteroids that threaten the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Australian Curtin University said that some types of asteroids pose a threat to our planet due to the fact that they are difficult to destroy.

The university study explains that we are talking about rubble asteroids. They are made up of piles of stones held together by gravity.

So, ordinary monolithic celestial bodies are destroyed over hundreds of thousands of years, and “rubble” can exist for billions of years.

The presence and survival of “rubble” asteroids in the Universe suggests that there are much more of them than scientists thought before.

Earlier, the Japanese probe Hayabusa-1 spotted a similar asteroid about two million kilometers from Earth. This asteroid, scientists say, cannot be destroyed.

Scientists have found the only way to save the Earth from such an asteroid – a kinetic push that will send it in the other direction.


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