Scientists are puzzled: people around the world have dropped their body temperature

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have noticed that the temperature of the human body tends to decrease, and this is observed in different parts of the world. What are the reasons for the changes, scientists cannot say.

Two centuries ago, the German physician Karl Wunderlich found that the normal body temperature is 37 ° C. Anthropologists from the University of California at Santa Barbara noted that today one should not be surprised at the constant temperature of 36.4 ° C. Interestingly, in some countries the decrease in body temperature took several centuries, while in others it took several decades. For example, a precipitous decline was seen among the Qiname people in Bolivia. Their temperature dropped on average by 0.05 ° C in just 16 years.

Researchers believe it’s about maintaining hygiene, improving health care, and reducing infections, making the body less likely to get inflammatory. Scientists decided to study the personal files of 5481 volunteers, who had been regularly examined for sixteen years, and the same thermometers were used to determine its temperature.

Infections do cause the body to have to raise its temperature to fight them. The experts additionally noted that all the changes observed are also relevant for people who had little pain during the studied period of time.

Scientists believe that antibiotics also played a big role, which made the health of the inhabitants of the Earth stronger. Plus, in modern conditions, the body does not need to regulate body temperature as intensely as it once did. In the civilized world, they resort to air conditioners and special clothing.

Certainly, the temperature drops under the influence of several factors. The average temperature of the human body is an important indicator that speaks about the health of nations as a whole. It cannot be ignored, which is why scientists conduct regular measurements and research.


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