Scientists are going to drill a well to the center of the Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — The well is located in the Atlantic Ocean, it was drilled about 20 years ago. Scientists want to deepen it to find out if the mixing of minerals and sea water could lead to the origin of life.

In April, an expedition of scientists will depart from the port of Ponta Delgada in the Azores to deepen a well drilled 20 years ago on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The group will include geologists, microbiologists and other scientists. They will have to deepen a well in a massif in the North Atlantic Ocean.

This array is a hill on the ocean floor with a height of about 14 thousand feet (4.3 thousand meters), the newspaper notes.

The well, to which the expedition will go, was drilled about 20 years ago. Its depth is 1400 m, and its diameter is 15 inches (approximately 38 cm).

It is going to be deepened to 6,750 feet, or 2,057 meters, the newspaper writes.

The distance to be covered by drilling tools, according to the publication, exceeds the height of the towers of the World Trade Center (541 m).


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