Scientists are exploring the solar system and preparing to land on the Moon and Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The ESA and NASA Solar Orbiter took high-resolution images of the solar corona. NASA has announced a competition for the development of a lunar lander.

Geologists at the University of California, Jackson have developed a model of oxygen circulation on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Botanists at the University of California, Davis have grown “Martian lettuce”.

Research of the solar system is becoming more and more detailed every day.

Ultraviolet images of the solar corona were taken by the ESA and NASA Solar Orbiter probe. The pictures were taken from a distance approximately equal to the orbit of Mercury.

The resolution of the images exceeds 4K and allows you to see in detail the temperature fluctuations in the solar corona.

NASA has announced a competition for the development of the lander. The winner of the first similar competition was SpaceX.

Its lander will be used in 2025 when astronauts land on the moon. But NASA believes that the new competition stimulates the search for solutions that will later be suitable for landing on Mars.

A model has been developed for the circulation of oxygen on Europa , a moon of Jupiter. The satellite is covered with an ice shell, under which there is probably a water ocean.

Oxygen is formed on the surface of the satellite when ice is bombarded by cosmic rays. As geologists at the University of California have shown, Jackson’s oxygen can penetrate through cracks in the moon’s ice shell.

If oxygen enters the liquid ocean, the likelihood that there is life there is greatly increased.

“Martian lettuce” was grown by botanists at the University of California, Davis. It tastes the same as normal, but it is genetically modified to produce a hormone that stimulates bone growth.

Such a salad will protect the bones of astronauts during a long flight in zero gravity. Modern technology already makes it possible to grow lettuce in space.


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