Scientists admit they can’t predict damage to corals from warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Existing climate models are unable to predict damage to coral reefs from warming with high confidence. An article about this was published in Earth’s Future.

Global warming intensifies tropical cyclones producing waves. They are believed to cause damage to coral reefs as they physically damage them.

Scientists from the University of Leeds decided to test how accurately climate models model this damage. To do this, they tried to reproduce recent extreme weather events in a simulator and compare them with reality.

It turned out that they cannot reproduce all the features of cyclones, due to which waves are formed that can damage a coral reef.

While models accurately predict changes in storm strength due to global warming, powerful cyclones can travel far from coral reefs.

The most damaging impact is known to occur when strong cyclones move close to coral ecosystems.

The most dangerous area of ​​the cyclone is located near the eye of the storm – the central part with a diameter of about 50 kilometers.

However, global warming is not only harming reefs through stronger cyclones, but ocean acidification caused by climate change is the main driver of coral loss.


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