Scientist who predicted the victory of five US presidents made a new prediction

(ORDO NEWS) — Allan Lichtman, a professor at the American University in Washington, who predicted the victory of five presidents, made a new forecast for the presidential election in November. Writes about this CNN.

The historian uses his own “13 Keys” system to determine the winner. It assesses factors such as the economy, the position held by the applicant, as well as social unrest and scandals. In addition, he believes that the personal charisma of the candidates matters.

“The secret is to keep an eye on the big picture. And ignore polls, analytics, the daily ups and downs in rankings,” says Lichtman.

The professor believes that in the presidential elections this year, the current head of state will lose the White House. Thus, the historian predicted victory for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Earlier, Likhtman accurately predicted the outcome of the elections since 1984.


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