Scientist: We will find intelligent life “during our lives”

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists may well find evidence of the existence of alien life during our lifetime, the astrophysicist said.

Dr. Garik Israelis of the Canary Islands Institute for Astrophysics said he expects the discovery of alien life in the coming decades. The expert also believes that scientists will find alien microbes – probably on Mars – through the missions of the NASA space agency on the Red Planet.

Dr. Israel said, “I think we will discover alien life in our lives. At least we will find clear signatures [evidence of life] that existed before.”

“It would be quite interesting for science, and I think that such a discovery will make us realize that life is such an incredible thing, and we should take better care of what we do on our own planet.”

Dr. Israelian has many years of experience in astrophysics.

He has published over 500 scientific papers on black holes, neutron stars and more.

The astrophysicist also believes that most likely evidence of alien life will be discovered by NASA’s new Perseverance rover.

“Perseverance has a 10 percent chance of finding life on Mars. This is an assumption. But it’s actually a good number.”


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