Scientist told whether someone will appear in our place if people disappear

(ORDO NEWS) — William Macaskill, who is a modern philosopher and works at the University of Oxford, says that if humanity disappears, it will be a catastrophe not only for the Earth, but for the entire universe.

Today, not only new technologies are emerging, but also incredibly powerful weapons. Ultimately, this may cause humanity to simply disappear at some point. The reason for this can be both nuclear and biological weapons.

“If we look at the situation from a cosmic point of view, what will happen if people disappear?

Can other species appear that will be like us, or will they be able to gradually evolve to a very high technological level?

I am sure that there is no guarantee that this will happen. If humanity disappears, it will affect the history of the universe and completely change it,” MacAskill thinks.

In order to evolve from the moment the first living organisms appeared on the planet, people needed 200 million years. The common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans lived on Earth 8 million years ago.

In literally a few billion years, the Sun will cause the planet to be uninhabitable. What are the chances that after humanity dies out, a new intelligent species will emerge that will also take a long time to develop?

“This question is quite complicated, but even if a new species appears, it simply will not have enough time to turn into an equally advanced civilization, because the planet will be burned by the sun,” added the philosopher.

The evolution of mankind hides many mysteries and completely unpredictable moments. The chances of the emergence of such a civilization are incredibly small.

For the emergence of life, a wide variety of factors must converge at the same time. There may be incredibly few or no habitable planets in the universe. Accordingly, events that could lead to the development of multicellular life are also extremely rare.


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