Scientist proved that conspiracy theories are untenable

(ORDO NEWS) — Physicist David Grimes of Oxford University (UK) has proven that conspiracy theories are untenable.

The scientist came up with an equation that proves that any large-scale concealment of the truth is doomed to be exposed within a matter of years.

Grimes focused on three factors when creating his equation – the scientist took as a basis the number of conspirators, the time since the cover-up began, and the risk of revealing the conspiracy.

The scientist then applied the Poisson distribution (a statistical method for determining the likelihood of certain events over a certain time) to known cases of declassification of secret information – in particular, to the US program for spying on Internet users PRISM (the program was disclosed by Edward Snowden) and medical experience in study of syphilis in Alabama (the existence of effective cures for the disease was hidden from the participants of the study, and they were given a placebo and arsenic).

The scientist used the data obtained to study four popular conspiracy theories. We are talking about the fakery of a manned flight to the moon, the concealment of an effective cure for cancer, the falsification of information on climate change and the impact of vaccinations on the development of autism in children.

“Given that preparations for the flight to the moon began in 1965, and 410 thousand people participated in the project, then a falsification of this magnitude could not remain a secret for longer than three years and seven months.

It would be possible to hide the existence of an effective cure for cancer in for three years and three months.

My research clearly shows that large-scale conspiracies are not something that is possible in the real world.

If a lot of people know about your secret, then it will quickly become public knowledge, “said the researcher.


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