Scientist proposes to build a bunker on the moon in case of the apocalypse

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Professor Jackan Tang of the University of Arizona, the storage facility on the moon could act as a “global insurance policy,” requiring 250 rocket launches to be built. Reported by the Daily Star.

The design, which has been compared to the modern Noah’s Ark, is the idea of ​​Professor Jackan Tanguy. The solar-powered bunker on the moon was designed to protect humanity in the event of the apocalypse. In it, scientists “placed” underground storage for the storage of seeds, sperm and ovaries.

According to the scientist, the cool conditions on the moon make it an ideal place to store materials needed for the reproduction of both humans and vegetation.

The Doomsday Vault already contains hundreds of thousands of seed samples at the Svalbard Seed Bank (Norway), but Tanga is convinced that keeping them on Earth is too risky.

Scientist proposes to build a bunker on the moon in case of the apocalypse 1

The professor proposes to send 6.7 million types of frozen seeds, sperm and ovaries for storage in frozen form on the moon to ensure human survival in the event of a possible apocalypse.

Tanga said that “The earth is a fluid environment. We were close to surviving the eruption of the supervolcano Toba 75,000 years ago, which caused a 1000-year cooling period and, according to some scientists, coincides with an assumed decline in human diversity.”

The main idea of ​​the project is to prepare for the potentially devastating consequences of climate change, a global pandemic and nuclear war.

According to scientists, the network of lava tubes of the Moon, through which lava once flowed billions of years ago, could protect samples from solar radiation, meteorites and other hazards.

Speaking to an audience, Tanga said, “Hopefully, when the cost of space travel comes down, we need to start sending samples to the moon within the next 30 years or so.”


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