Scientist found out why aliens do not come into contact with us

(ORDO NEWS) — The question of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations still remains unanswered. In some ways, it resembles the question of the existence of God: some believe, some do not.

Suppose that alien civilizations exist, then why do they not come into contact with humans? Who and what is to blame for this?

There are 400 billion stars in our Galaxy, planets revolve around them, it is unreasonable to consider them dead.

Amri Wandel, an astrophysicist from the Hebrew University in Israel, published a scientific paper on this topic.

The scientist suggests that the problem lies in the people themselves. The point is that we are simply not interesting to aliens.

The astrophysicist suggested that aliens consider us not an intelligent race and contact with us is absolutely useless for them. Not all earthlings will like this answer to the Fermi paradox.

The fact is that in recent years, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have been endowed with intelligence and superintelligence, while people are considered absolutely stupid and useless.

There are also other theories that explain the reluctance of aliens to “make friends” with humans:

  • Alien beings flew to Earth a long time ago: they built pyramids, helped humanity to survive, now our planet is simply not interesting for them.
  • Alien beings are actually primitive, and have not reached the same level of development as humans.
  • Everyone died due to the catastrophe and only earthlings remained.
  • It is very difficult to fly to Earth, since the distance is calculated in millennia.

Wandel is convinced that extraterrestrials exist and are advanced intelligent species that surpass humans in physical strength and intelligence.

He also insists that they ignore our signals. At most, in his scientific work, the astrophysicist claims that there are these civilizations in our galaxy, but there are not many of them.


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