Scientist cooked food according to ancient Babylonian recipes

(ORDO NEWS) — A scientist from the University of Cambridge, Bill Sutherland, decided to find out for himself how the inhabitants of ancient Babylon ate and cooked food according to the recipe from clay tablets from the time of Mesopotamia. He talked about this in his Twitter account.

The ancient tablets, according to which the professor prepared the food, date back to about 1750 BC. Now they are almost four thousand years old. They are the oldest recipes of all.

According to the signs, Sutherland prepared several dishes – two meat and two vegetable. According to the expert, the first was lamb stew with dried barley cakes, onions, peach, milk and garlic. Despite the specific taste, the professor rated it very highly.

However, with some recipes, the researcher had to tinker. So he replaced the sheep’s blood in the ancient broth with tomato paste, and he had to put the sheep’s legs with cilantro several times in the oven, since the time and temperature of cooking were not indicated in the tablets. In addition, he prepared onion casserole.

Despite the specific cuisine and the combination of products, the professor praised the dishes. According to him, they turned out to be very satisfying and tasty.

Earlier it was reported that the ancient city of Babylon, located on the territory of modern Iraq, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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