Scientist believes that he has revealed the secret of the snowman

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone has heard of the snowman. There are many legends, myths and secrets about her. It is said that the real Yeti lives in the Himalayan range in Asia.

There is no evidence that this is true, but no one refutes this story, except for Madhu Chorti. His research can put a final end to the question of the existence of a mysterious creature.

Madhu Chorti is convinced that the snowman is a brown bear. A researcher from the Nepal National Conservation Fund has heard stories about the creature from local residents many times.

Someone says that they have met the Yeti in person. He sat like a real person, looking for marmots. Madhu was even shown the snowman’s hair and footprints.

The scientist is not sure of the veracity of this information. He says that if you believe the physiological descriptions of the creature, how it stands, sits, walks and behaves in the wild, it reminds him a lot of brown bears.

In the upper reaches of Mustang, you can find traces of excavations of Himalayan marmots, local residents also believe that these are traces of a snowman.

They can be seen in the summer, when the animals come out of hibernation and lead an active lifestyle.

They are the shaggy predator’s favorite food. There is a small population of Tibetan brown bears in Nepal. Paw prints and traces of excavations point to them.

Also, the doctor observed the behavior of predators in the wild and after that he was convinced that the snowman does not exist. He began his first observations of bears in 2007 and continued them for 6 years.

The man would set camera traps and then see what they captured. Thus he presented the first images of the Tibetan brown bear, but no Yeti was captured.


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