Scientifically proven singing improves brain function

(ORDO NEWS) — Neuroscientists and clinical psychologists experts from Finland have found that singing can improve brain function as well as cure aphasia (complete or partial loss of speech). This became known thanks to the PREMUS project.

PREMUS project coordinator Prof. Särkämö and colleagues are studying how singing affects patients with aphasia (loss of the ability to speak).

As part of this project, several choirs are being formed. In one such choir there are 25 people, and these are people with aphasia, and their relatives who care for them.

Experiments conducted by Finnish scientists demonstrate that singing has a really positive effect on such patients.

In addition, the experts scanned the brains of young people, middle-aged people and the elderly who sing in the choir.

It turned out that the areas of the brain that are involved in singing do not change as much with age than the areas that process speech.

Christian A. Drewon, professor of medicine at the University of Oslo (Norway), notes that singing can indeed be a great way to train the brain. Singing also trains the ability to remember information.


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