Scientific explanation for the brightest feeling – love

(ORDO NEWS) — Love was studied by neuroscientists, in the literal sense of the word, they parsed this feeling into its cells. It turned out there are several types of love. Each of them is a cocktail of certain hormones. Whether or not there is an exact answer to the question: “What is love?” What can it be and how to understand that you are overwhelmed with feelings?

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All our feelings and emotions start in the brain, love is no exception. Although they say that you cannot order your heart, but butterflies are in your stomach. Neuroscientists cannot be fooled in this matter. Dr. Sandra Langeslag works at the University of Missouri. Here’s what a woman has to say about the stages of love:

Lust – It is motivated by the genitals estrogen and testosterone. After lust comes attraction – the second stage of love. Being in a state of attraction, the body produces dopamines, norepinephrine. The higher the level of these hormones, the lower the amount of serotonin.

Attachment is the third stage of love. Staying in this state, people in love feel comfortable next to each other. By the way, scientists consider attachment to be the most common form of love. It can occur in a variety of ways.

If you feel lust for your partner and you are comfortable with your significant other, most likely there is real romantic love between you. It is quite difficult to draw fine lines and accurately establish the type of love.

To see what happens in the brain of a person in love, neuroscanning was used. It is clear from the results that different types of love involve different parts of the brain. In each of the forms of love, a person thinks, speaks, performs actions, and it is wonderful to observe.

By the way, animals can also experience this feeling. In a monogamous relationship, attachment is formed in a couple. And if one partner dies, the other remains forever a loner.


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