Science confirms that music can improve our mental health

(ORDO NEWS) — A new meta-analysis has confirmed that singing, playing or listening to music can improve well-being and quality of life. This is confirmed by 26 different studies.

A review of 26 studies from several countries including Australia, the UK and the US found that music can have a clinically significant impact on mental health.

Seven studies included music therapy, ten more studied the effect of listening to music, eight studied singing, and one studied the effect of gospel music (a genre of sacred Christian music).

The analysis confirmed that “musical interventions are associated with significant improvements in well-being”, as quantified using standardized quality of life survey data. The effects were the same whether participants sang, played, or listened to music.

Science confirms that music can improve our mental health 2

The authors of the meta-analysis suggest that the benefits of music for mental quality of life were close in effect to improved mental health through exercise and weight loss.

“Many of us know from personal experience how important musical intervention can be during periods of ill health,” the scientists say. “This study establishes a connection between our personal experience and a growing body of research data that proves that music is a cutting edge intervention in our health care system.


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