School teacher took pictures of the moon for 10 years – the result was fantastic

(ORDO NEWS) — The photographer spent 10 years capturing 48 stunning moon colors. Marcella Pace, an Italian primary school teacher, has always had a passion for astronomy.

This motivated her to take up astrophotography, and over the years her work has been selected by NASA as Astronomy Photo of the Day and shortlisted for the prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year award.

In particular, the compilation of 48 multi-colored moons attracted a lot of attention to it. The work combines images from 10 years and, let’s be honest, looks like a work of art.

“During the lockdown, I was at home, so I had a lot of time to look back at my old work,” Pace told My Modern Met.

“While looking through my photos, I decided to select all the full moons I have photographed since I started using a digital camera.

I chose 48 of the brightest, taken at moonrise or moonset, or when atmospheric scattering produced interesting coloration.”

At the same time, Pace noted that if you purposefully want to photograph the multi-colored Moon, it is not at all necessary to spend a dozen years on this.

In fact, in just one recent photo taken during moonrise, you can see all the different colors it takes on as it rises through different layers of the atmosphere:

School teacher took pictures of the moon for 10 years the result was fantastic 2

While many of Pace’s photographs have been praised, her colorful composition has taken on a life of its own.

After being selected by NASA as the winner of the competition in November 2020, she continues to circulate on the Internet.

“There is something magnetic about this photo, and I get compliments about it every day from all over the world,” admitted Marcella.


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