Scaled Composites Unveils Optionally Manned Aircraft Concept

(ORDO NEWS) — American company Scaled Composites showed at the AIAA SciTech exhibition a 3D-printed model of the Model 412 Encore aircraft. It is assumed that it can be used for research tasks.

At the AIAA SciTech exhibition, the famous American company Scaled Composites showed a model of an optionally manned aircraft.

She was displayed next to a model of the unique Scaled Composites Proteus, a high-altitude long-range aircraft with a tandem wing designed for research purposes.

Like Proteus, Model 412 Encore has been optimized for high-altitude flights: presumably, the plane will be able to climb to an altitude of about 20 thousand meters (practical “ceiling” Proteus – 19 thousand meters).

The developers plan that the Encore will be able to carry a payload of about 4500 kilograms: this should make it suitable for reconnaissance, observation and reconnaissance missions, as well as various experimental and test tasks. The plane will be able to stay in the air for an extremely long time.

The choice in favor of the optionally manned platform expands the range of potential tasks, and therefore increases the chances that the machine will find its customer.

The Model 412 Encore is now in its preliminary design phase. Scaled Composites itself says it has already presented the new product to a number of interested clients.

The company is now seeking funding to continue development, including the creation of the Encore flying prototype.

Scaled Composites is an American aircraft manufacturer founded in 1982 by renowned aircraft designer Burt Ruthan. Its main purpose is the development of experimental aviation.

One of the most famous developments of Scaled Composites is the Stratolaunch Model 351 carrier aircraft, which acts as an element of the Stratolaunch aerospace air launch system.

It became the longest-winged aircraft in the history of world aviation.

The first flight of the Stratolaunch Model 351 was made on April 13, 2019. Almost immediately after this, the project ran into financial difficulties, so that the second flight took place only last year.

Scaled Composites Unveils Optionally Manned Aircraft Concept 2

During this time, his concept was rethought. Now the car is seen not as an aerial platform for launching missiles, but as a carrier for atmospheric and suborbital hypersonic vehicles.

Another novelty of the AIAA SciTech exhibition is an updated concept of a promising hypersonic aircraft from Boeing. It is assumed that it can be used to solve military or civilian problems.


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