Salute, comrade: Britney Spears calls for a strike

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On Instagram, Spears shared a post saying: “We will feed each other, redistribute wealth, go on strike” and added a comment to it: “Unity cannot be divided by walls” – and the image of three roses (in the USA, Britain and several other countries, a rose is considered a symbol, associated with the socialist movement). This is the main thing we wanted to tell you, dear reader.

Spears is an unexpected but precious ally in our struggle to ensure that the response to the global coronavirus pandemic is fair. However, her post also indicates that a rare and unusual moment has arrived: a time when governments are introducing draconian and repressive measures, but at the same time, people can demand that society improves.

All over the world, people in quarantine are increasingly relying on low-paid workers. Governments are rapidly discovering that those who are least paid and (when it comes to piecework) those who have least rights are a real pillar of society.

Spears’ intervention is very important because people listen to celebrities. Now the audience, usually not confronted with socialist ideology, heard from the singer that it was worth thinking about a general strike. With her 23.7 million followers on Instagram (which equals one third of the British population), she can be very useful in this regard.

It is often difficult to implement socialist ideas, and it was still hard to imagine that a pop star would do this. However, Spears is clearly aware of the scale of the problem that the planet is facing and understands that our main lever is the strike.

It is still unknown whether Spears will stop his shows in Vegas in solidarity. However, sending her a membership card for Democratic Socialists of America would probably be a logical step. After the post about the strike, she wrote another one in which she expressed hope that the people in quarantine “will hold on and inspire each other” – and again added four emoji in the form of roses instead of the signature.

Spears showed that she is our friend and is ready to agitate her fans for the ideas that she supports. It is hoped that other stars will follow the example of Comrade Spears and remind the broad masses that their strength is on strike.


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