Russian scientist unraveled the secret of levitation?

(ORDO NEWS) — No one could explain how the ancient Druids erected massive blocks of the most mysterious Stonehenge monument. How on the other side of the planet did the inhabitants of the Easter Island abandoned in the ocean drag and raise giant stone heads? How in Lebanese Baalbek they laid a terrace of three stones with a total weight of 800 tons? And how is the 440-ton platform laid in Bolivian Tiahuanaco?

Ancient builders did not have lifting equipment similar to modern port cranes. And even if it were! It’s still not clear how these blocks were delivered to the construction site from the quarry located behind the mountain and ravine, despite the fact that there is no road there even today.

Dreamers embarrassedly talk about levitation: the ancients supposedly somehow knew how to make granite blocks as light as balloons, which allowed them to deliver and place them anywhere. You can’t forbid to invent. But there must be at least some logic, even in the most crazy fantasy. And now, it seems, she appeared.

Who in childhood did not sin by sadism, tearing off the wings of a fly and watching how a helplessly buzzing insect rolls on the floor! But Yuri Rassadkin, candidate of technical sciences, in his sophisticated fanaticism went even further: he tore off not wings, but tiny dumbbells located under the tail of the fly, due to which it buzzes. It turns out that without this organ, an unhappy fly with a stone falls from the edge of the table. Then he tries to take off, “lie on the wing”, but, having jumped five to six centimeters from the floor, he flops back — there is no flying without buzzing.

Scientists have long understood: airplanes are a miserable parody of insects. Even a modern supersonic compared to a bee is a clumsy blank. The wings of the aircraft are rigidly attached to the fuselage. Yes, they keep the car in the air, but they are not able to start like a rhinoceros beetle, without taking off and from any place, quickly, like a dragonfly, change the direction of flight. And they never can.

And even more so, the Boeings and Airbases did not dream of such mobility as that of the May beetle. He has not one, but two whole pairs of wings: the first keeps in the air, the second vibrates. It is these vibrations that give the beetle complete freedom of maneuver: at least brake and immediately fly backwards.

Having studied the “buzzers”, Rassadkin realized: the secret of ingenious flyers is hidden in vibrations. They do not create, like artificial glands, lift due to the oncoming flow, but levitate. That is, the upward force that arises due to buzzing minimizes the force of gravity of the Earth. By the way, the phenomenon of yogis soaring above the earth can be explained by levitation.

What’s the secret? Physicist Rassadkin calls the miracle of levitation the word “effect.” Its essence is this: there are always aerosols in the air — suspended droplets of water ranging in size from 0.1 microns to 2-3 millimeters. Since water molecules are compressed, some (2-4 microns in size) can explode if they are affected by acoustic or electromagnetic vibrations. Let weak, but resonant, that is, intermolecular bonds swinging like a swing. The explosion releases tremendous energy: a force of more than 5 tons (!) Acts per square meter of area. If it is directed against gravity, then the object or body is able to take off.

But what and how directs the force of the explosion of water droplets is not yet clear. There is only the assumption of the biologist, Professor Alexander Dubrov, which the physicist Rassadkin shares: this power is controlled by consciousness.

The consciousness of the Egyptians likened a granite block to a soap bubble. And then it could easily be moved for many kilometers and laid in a pyramid. It happened more than once: the fall of a person from a great height does not lead to death. For example, the consciousness that fell from the 11th floor onto the asphalt of a child helped to stay alive.

This is a hypothesis, and there is no other explanation for the miracle of levitation, according to The Secret Doctrine.


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