Russian Navy will receive frigate equipped with “Zircons”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The updated frigate of project 1155 “Marshal Shaposhnikov” will be released for testing before the end of the year. This is a former anti-submarine ship, the combat capabilities of which were radically increased. He will be the first carrier of the Zircon hypersonic missiles in the Pacific Fleet.

Also in the arsenal of “Shaposhnikov” will include subsonic “Caliber” and supersonic “Yakhont”. It is planned that the frigate will become the lead in a whole series of modernized large anti-submarine ships of Project 1155.

Sea trials of “Marshal Shaposhnikov” should begin in the fall. The reliability of power plants, navigation and other systems of ship equipment, as well as weapons, will be checked. According to the results of the audit, they will decide on the transfer of the ship to the fleet, sources in the Ministry of Defense told Russian Izvestia.

The frigate was enlisted in the Navy in 1986 and is now in the center of Dalzavod ship repair, where its modernization is being completed. Most of the ships of this project did not receive shock missile weapons, as they had a narrow specialization – submarine hunters.

The frigate will receive launchers for Caliber cruise missiles. They are universal – with their help you can run hypersonic “Zircons”.

They are able to accelerate to hypersonic speeds (6-8 times higher than the speed of sound) and hit targets at ranges up to 500 km. In addition, the frigate will receive a 100-mm gun mount A-190-01, made using the stealth technology. In this case, the ship will retain its anti-submarine capabilities.


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