Russian Navy escorts NATO ships in the Barents Sea

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The ships of the Northern Fleet on Monday, May 4, escorted the NATO strike group in the Barents Sea. This was reported by the National Center for Defense Management of Russia.

“The forces and means of the Northern Fleet have begun tracking the actions of the NATO naval strike group, consisting of the destroyers URO (missile defense) Porter, Donald Cook, Franklin Roosevelt of the US Navy and frigate URO Kent, the British Navy, which entered at 07:00 Moscow time on May 4 to the Barents Sea,” media quotes this statement.

The ministry explained that the destroyers Franklin Roosevelt, Donald Cook and Porter are equipped with the Aegis missile defense system with Mk-41 universal launchers, which are capable of launching both Tomahawk anti-aircraft and cruise missiles.

However, the British “Kent” can carry up to eight harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles.

In mid-April, the Russian Black Sea Fleet was escorted by the US Navy destroyer Porter, which entered the Black Sea.

In early March, a few fighter Typhoon British Royal Air Force rose to intercept Russian antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142, to carry out flights over the eastern Atlantic.


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