Russian musician said the Earth is flat

(ORDO NEWS) — Absolutely everywhere people are taught that the Earth is a ball, slightly flattened at the top and bottom. Despite this well-known fact, there are many supporters of the flat earth, who, by the way, give very plausible arguments, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

REN-TV published the opinion of the Russian singer Yuri Loza, who is convinced that our planet is similar in shape to a plate. He also believes that they hide the truth from people, although, as you know, earlier people could not imagine the sphericity of the Earth.

As his evidence, the Russian singer voiced four facts.

  1. No shape in the same construction takes into account the roundness of the planet. All formulas are geodesic.
  2. Sailors do not rely on a globe but on a flat map of the planet. The singer’s father-in-law is a sailor with 32 years of experience. Not a single sailor builds a route around the globe since in this case, one might not know where. It is impossible to cross the seas on a globe.
  3. The pilots ignore the fact that the Earth is round. The singer’s uncle has been a pilot for 30 years. No aircraft has a device that “aligns” the nose of the aircraft parallel to the ground. Aircraft successfully cross distances of almost half the Earth, while not flying out of the air envelope. One gets the impression that the planes are flying as if on flat ground. It is also worth noting that navigation resources do not have information about movements in the Southern Hemisphere.
  4. The difference in the climate. If the planet were a ball, the singer is sure, then it would have plus or minus the same temperature on the side on which the Sun shines in a specific period of time. In reality, however, the temperature regimes are fundamentally different even within the same climatic zone.

Some arguments, we must admit, are very convincing. However, in any case, the matter will not go beyond reasoning: there is a generally accepted theory with evidence and scientific justification, which no one will destroy.

Astronomers: early Earth could be flat

Astronomers: early Earth could be flat


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