Russian Foreign Ministry accused NATO of increasing activity in Ukraine and the Black Sea

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Moscow notes an increase in the activity of the armed forces of NATO member states in Ukraine and in the Black Sea near the Russian borders. This was announced on Wednesday, April 7, in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We drew attention to the aggressive information campaign launched recently by Ukraine and a number of Western countries that are trying to accuse Russia of escalating tensions in Donbass and on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The aggravated situation in the east of Ukraine, provoked by the Kiev authorities themselves, as well as the planned military training activities of the Russian armed forces, which are regularly held in Russia during this period of time and do not exceed the scale of past years, were chosen as an excuse.

According to her, such a policy misinforms citizens and is propaganda, since it is aimed at diverting attention from the military operations of Ukraine itself and the country’s refusal to comply with the Minsk agreements.

Earlier on the same day, the alliance said that NATO is striving for constructive relations with Russia, the bloc is determined to continue the dialogue with Moscow. In response, the Federation Council stressed that the Russian Federation is ready for a dialogue with the bloc, but it is waiting for real proposals, not ultimatums.

Earlier on the same day, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin announced the deterioration of the situation on the contact line in Donbass. According to him, the number of attacks since the beginning of 2021 has almost doubled compared to the last quarter of last year.

The self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) also pointed out that the concentration of forces and weapons on the line of contact on the part of Ukraine creates serious risks of escalating the conflict.

In Kiev, they said that Ukraine is following the political and diplomatic path in resolving the conflict in Donbass, and the statements about the offensive are allegedly “winding up the situation.”

Since 2014, Kiev has been conducting a military operation against the residents of Donbass, who refused to recognize the results of the coup and the new government in Ukraine. The settlement issues are being discussed in the “Minsk” and “Normandy” formats – with the participation of Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany.


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